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You- Part1

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

How frightened I must have been

To psychologically allow myself to only exist in a constant state of loneliness and


Scared of the possibility of being loved in a way

I’ve never been loved before, at least not by another human being

Perhaps even frightened that I could never reciprocate such pure love

The everlasting and unconditional love I’ve only ever received from my Heavenly Father

Breathless as I fight and reject love that has never failed to nurture me when I least deserve it

Suddenly, as if I’ve been in a long horrid deep sleep

My eyes flutter open and a bright light shoots through my fuzzy pupils

My vision ever so slowly coming back to me

It’s You

The worry in your baby blue eyes staring back at me

Suddenly turn gentle, filled with love, relief and a hint of frustration

Wondering why I can’t see myself from your perspective

The priceless value my anointing holds

Divinely assigned to protect, love and take care of

Your lips open, as if about to say something, probably something you’ve already said to me a thousand times

All the times you’ve put up with my chaos and self hatred

But then I stop you

Genuine tears escaping from my stoic eyes, I say;

‘It’s you, It’s always been you”

Confusion staring back at me

‘My greatest and only true love’

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