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Wild Guest

The day I broke free from "what others may say or think" syndrome. The older I get (by the hour), the more I feel like I'm finally figuring out who I really am, not who I was told to be in order to fit in and find acceptance. I wake up a completely different person each day, old obsessions no longer being my cup of tea, my world perspective no longer being a projection of the negative traits I adapted along the way but mostly, no longer being afraid to choose myself and what is worth my time because I am the only one who can and is allowed to make myself feel guilty when I'm not making what's best for me my number one priority.

Comfort 8/10- it was atrociously hot and my stick on bra kept slipping. Not to mention the dress was backless and I kept checking that it wasn't going below my underwear line. Besides that, loved this look and how it seemed to make those around me bitter - chefs kiss.

Confidence 9/10- I could say ten out of ten honestly because nothing could have made me feel less than perfect that day.

Emotionally 9/10- I felt like I was actually present for the first time in a long while and didn't have to put on a facade. I was just, effortlessly and gracefully me.

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