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Top 19 Ickes

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

•The facial expressions and noises people make while exercising.

•Being serenaded while maintaining eye contact, even worse when a guitar is involved.

•Being told "I miss/missed you", especially in person.

•When someone tries too hard to impress me.

•When someone is too eager to spend my money and lights up while doing so.

•That awkward standoff between men who are about to fight.

•The sound of someone swallowing their phlegm

•Brushing teeth in the shower

•Attention seeking

•When someone fakes spiritualism and being empathetic

•Con artist behavior

•Unrealistic thinkers

•Human leeches


•Bad Body Odor


•Not texting before randomly calling

•Overly talkative

•Dirty and unkept fingernails

*I will be adding and editing this list constantly- feel free to comment your personal icks

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