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Rejection Phoenix

Rejection and the unsolicited shame it came with, has somehow been one of the greatest things to happen to me.

As uncomfortable and painful as it was to sit in it, I couldn't have anticipated how suddenly and rapidly the slipping and falling-an uncountable amount of times- in the messiness and destruction would be, but somehow I still managed to guard the sacred gift bestowed upon me by God- my heart- the treasure I now know every evil force has been after since the moment I came into this world, the weapon that keeps a frustrated and desperate lucifer attached to his drawing board stacked with failed attempts at annihilating me.

Amidst the constant battles and small victories no one ever seemed to notice, my character may have taken many forms, some of which I'm not proud of, but my heart stayed gentle, always willing and on fire for justice- just the way God appointed it to be.

The rejection, shame, betrayal, pain and disappointment, are now nothing more than the ashes I've successfully left behind.

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