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Narcissist Magnet

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

It's hard enough having to share my




Space with John Doe

Realizing he's neither the first, second or third

But a toxic cycle I keep repeating

Racking my head around how I keep running

Running from my mother into the arms of men

Men who are more like my mother than my lover

The constant need for me to share in their joy

Celebrate their wins and achievements like my own

Stroking their egos ever so delicately

Never forgetting I'm one of those achievements

An achievement that quickly fades into their shadows

Never getting validation or compassion

Only a scoffs

silent pitty


And occasionally

frightening outbursts

All of this barely scraping the surface

The surface of the narcissistic characters

I found charming

grew fond of



Just to be left shattered

Pieces of me slowly turning into ashes

But John, my dear

I'm no fragile little trophy girl

I'm the phoenix you should have never took for granted

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