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Day four, clocking in 7 hours in total of shut eye,

Day dreaming about when slumber and I were the best of friends,

At one point, You’d swear we were soulmates

However one day, like the day we collectively can’t recall-

When we played outside with our friends and relatives for the last time, not knowing it was the last time-

Yes, that day,

Slumber and I are long past that day

In fact what use to be my best friend,

My happy place,

My soulmate

The only off time I got from my overdriven mind

Is now nothing more than my worst enemy

I don’t know what I did to slumber but it seems it wants nothing to do with me

Perhaps I should try see things from slumbers point of view

I began to purposely avoid our helpful meet ups

To dance the evenings away with destruction

Feeling neglected, slumber took back it’s heart and walked away for good

If only slumber had known that the moment it walked away, was the moment I had returned but mostly, it was the moment I appreciated everything about our time together

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