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Free Stray

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

There's a quote I resonated with so much when I heard it that said, "Strays suffer and persevere" and I remember thinking, damn, that's so profound and powerful. Then, like I always do, intentionally sat with that statement, almost like you would do on a first date trying to get to know someone, and looked at what each word meant on their own and then how together they simply yet also in some complex way, explained those "one in a million" kind of people.

The word that immediately struck me is "Strays", in this context it's used as a noun which basically means homeless animal, and I pondered on how some, if not most people pity anything that is a stray, not knowing or having a genuine idea of the actual day to day reality of what a "stray" has to go through to continue persevering, that then led me to think about how people easily make assumptions and conclusions on things they could never truly understand and choose to immediately pity, turn their nose up and use strays as a benchmark of how worse of it can be.

My opinion or shall I say observation is simply that an unfortunate number of people are incapable of seeing through the unappealingness of it all, the circumstances and the backstory they're not even aware of, so much so that they miss what I personally wish they could see if their mindsets were more compassionate and a tad humble.

What they would hopefully see is how strays have mastered embracing difficult circumstances and know how they're perceived and ostracized because of that, yet still don't care what others think or what they may mutter ? That's social Freedom. Strength to not take the easy, manipulative, deceitful or illegal way out ? Dignifying. Accepting that nobody owes you anything and cherishing the fruits of your own labor no matter how little others think it is ? Strength. Persevering through unimaginable things ? Resilience.

I personally, am proud to admit that I am a persevering stray who is still learning how to honorably use their suffering as motivation to pave a unique way in this lifetime and to equally enjoy the gift that Christ graciously paid for which is my freedom.

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